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Protect your time and assets
Secure your Inbox from excessive spam management or malicious attacks.
Get the power of an appliance
Kerio MailServer comes with the strongest anti-spam and anti-virus protection built into a mail server.
Integrated for greater protection

Block spam and viruses more efficiently from incoming, outgoing, and relayed email messages and attachments.

Anti-spam protection
Over 14 anti-spam layers

DHA (Directory Harvest Attack protection)
SpamAssassin (Bayes, Heuristic, and SURBL)
Anti-phishing / anti-spoofing
RBL (Real-time blacklist servers) Custom whitelists and blacklists SMTP restrictions and more

Reduce server resource consumption

Block up to 80% of spam before it even reaches the server. Save hard drive space, RAM and CPU usage.

Antivirus protection
Integrated McAfee
Turn on the integrated McAfee anti-virus protection for
Faster deployment
Better compatibility
Lower maintenance

Third-party anti-virus plug-ins
Use your existing anti-virus system with Kerio MailServer easily through Kerio’s built-in anti-virus plug-ins.


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