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Your critical business processes, and the services you provide to your clients, are dependent on the stability of your IT systems.

Because your IT systems could fail at any time, you need a reliable support partner ... someone who understands your business ... someone with the skills and the knowledge you need ... someone who can respond quickly.

As a specialist IT services and security company, the practicalities of Reflexion IT are based in IT Support, Computer Support, PC Support and Network Support.  We provide a 24/7 service and are on hand day or night, every day of the year.

Our team of consultants and engineers maintain a constant watch on your systems, minimising downtime and quickly solving any problems as they occur.

Our aim is for you to offload the strain and administrative burden of IT support with service contracts that provide the flexibility you demand.  Our flexibility means that we can provide a qualified expert on your doorstep with the backup and support you require.

How we can help
By auditing your network;  monitoring your servers;  identifying, diagnosing and fixing problems remotely;  providing a fast reaction help desk; scheduling routine engineer visits; and providing emergency engineer response when required. Our RemoteCare is the seamless support our clients appreciate, allowing them to work undisrupted while we maintain there systems out of normal hours.

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